after creating an odt document which has form controls (textbox, checkbox etc), I cannot edit the forms when I open the document again.
You have to select everything and copy it in a new document. But all the formatted paragraphs are gone and you have to do it again.

What have I to do so that it is editable after opening the document again?
Or how can I also copy the formatting and not just the content?

I am using:
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with LibreOffice
and Mint 17 with LibreOffice 4.2


When working with a LibreOffice Writer Form, there are two modes:

  • Design mode On: Edit / modify the form controls;
  • Design mode off: Use the form.

On opening a LO Writer Form document, design mode is off by default. To toggle between design mode on/off, you'll have to enable either the "Form Design" toolbar or the "Form Controls" toolbar (Menu "View" -> "Toolbars"):

enter image description here

Now, you can toggle design mode using the second button in one of those toolbars:

enter image description here

In OpenOffice.org Writer, the icons may look different - see this wiki page and the following screenshot from the OOo Wiki:

enter image description here

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