I have a steel cut list in Excel. There are over 1000 rows of information and probably 100 different part numbers. Is there a formula that can find the total quantity for each part number?

I am hoping not to have to go through the entire list and sum up 100 different items.

Here is a sample of 4 rows of my Excel spreadsheet:

1      A1   TR3x1.5x0.1875  3'-1 3/8"     0         0       2
2      A2   TR3x1.5x0.1875  3'-2 7/8"     0         0       4
3      A2   TR3x1.5x0.1875  3'-2 7/8"     0         0       5
4      A3   TR3x1.5x0.1875  1'-6 11/16"   0         0       1
  • total quantity for each part number - do you want a histogram graph? – Cornelius Jun 17 '14 at 13:49

This is an easy, two step solution.

  1. Convert your data into an Excel Table (this may not matter much now, but it provides a ton of long-term flexibility in managing your data).
  2. Convert your Excel Table into a Pivot Table with:
    • Row Labels = Mark (assuming this is your part number
    • Values = Quantity (and make sure that your Pivot table is summing (not counting) this value).

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