For the past week or so on my work computer, some program has been trying to raise a balloon tip notification and failing. I see the notification for a split-second before it disappears but it disappears too fast for me to see it. I configured the notification area to display all icons, but it looks like the notification is coming from Action Center.

Are notification messages logged somewhere? I have a feeling there's some way I can address whatever it's trying to tell me, but since I have no way of reading the message I have no way of addressing the issue. The notification happens intermittently; you know how it goes. I stop working and stare at that part of my monitor and it doesn't happen, only to have it happen twice in 10 seconds once I get back to work. It's really frustrating and distracting.

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Check in the Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Event Viewer

In general, background services and background applications should report errors in the Event Viewer.


I'm filing this under "mysterious computer problem that eventually went away." I either updated or uninstalled whatever was causing it and now I don't have the issue.

It's been quite some time since your answer, RemyServices, but if you could explain how ProcMon could be used to see what's causing a notification like this? It'd be interesting in case it pops up again.


You can use Process Monitor from Sysinternals to track this down, that is if this is still an issue.

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