wget http://security.debian.org/debian-security/pool/updates/main/m/mysql-5.1/libmysqlclient16_5.1.73-1_i386.deb

mkdir mysql32

dpkg --extract libmysqlclient*deb mysql32

mv mysql32/usr/lib/* /usr/lib32

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    What's your question? These aren't "putty" commands. Putty is a tool to talk to an SSH host, like say a CentOS machine. So, if you get Putty to connect to CentOS, then when you type you're running the commands on CentOS. – Rich Homolka Jun 19 '14 at 14:39
  • I am not sure what you are trying to do, but I am 99% certain you are going about it the wrong way. It is extremely unlikely that you need a Debian security patch for a Centos system. – Zoredache Jun 19 '14 at 16:40

The commands you've given are for Debian based linux systems, such as Debian and Ubuntu, and are not "putty" specific as Rich pointed out. CentOS is built from Red Hat/Fedora linux, so its commands will differ.

The wget command will work the same, though you may need to install wget first with yum install wget.

You'll need a different resource to download MySQL from, as that link goes to a .deb package, which is for Debian linux. You'll want a package of the file extension .rpm

The mkdir command is the same, so is mv

Instead of dpkg, you would use rpm with a few command line arguments for that package. To figure out what arguments you need to use, you can just run rpm from the command line and it'll show usage instructions

Edit: If you just want to install MySQL Server, you can just use yum install mysql

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