I recently installed Notepad++ v6.6.6 (On Windows 8 x64) and associated file types. The installer changed file type description of every associated extension to Notepad++ Document.

For example, I have php, css and js files in the same folder it groups all files under Notepad++ Document. Is there any way to change file type descriptions to their default. Like:

  • php - PHP File or PHP Script
  • css - CSS File or Cascading Stylesheet
  • js - JS File or JavaScript Document

I tried FileTypesMan but when I change description of 1 file type it changes all file type description. For example, when I change txt file to Text Document it changes all ext. associated with notepad++ to Text Document .

I'm willing to change every file type description by hand.


If you have a look under:


You should see something like Notepad++_file

If you find the entry for that in HKCR, e.g.


You'll see the description "Notepad++ Document", this is where Explorer picks it up from. If you simply set the value for Notepad++_file to empty and then ALL files will revert to generic descriptions, e.g. TXT file, PHP file etc.

  • You might have to restart your computer for this to take effect. I had to on Windows 10. – CJ Dennis Aug 7 '17 at 1:00

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