I've configured Adobe Reader XI to use Protected Mode for all files in Preferences -> Security (Enhanced), but this pops up a yellow "Protected View" infobar every time I open a PDF, even if I'm opening the same PDF again. The infobar says:

"Protected View: This file originated from a potentially unsafe location, and most features have been disabled to avoid potential security risks. [Enable All Features] [X]"

I almost never need to Enable All Features, and I'd rather not click [X] every time to close the bar. Is there any way to automatically dismiss the infobar?


Nope you can't, i personally avoid doing this to not seeing this kind of boxes, you could use alternatives than Adobe Reader XI like Sumatra PDF Reader as i use or Nitro PDF.


Add the location you're trying to open it from to Adobe Reader's "Privileged Locations":

You can add specific files, folders, and hosts to privileged locations to selectively trust PDF files, and bypass the security restrictions.

Under the Privileged Locations, do the following:

  • To trust any sites you already trust in Internet Explorer, select Automatically Trust Sites From My Win OS Security Zones.
  • To add only one or two PDFs from a location, click Add File.
  • To create a trusted folder for multiple PDFs, click Add Folder Path or Add Host.
  • To allow data to load from a website, enter the name of the root URL. For example, enter www.adobe.com, but not www.adobe.com/products. To trust files from secure connections only, select Secure Connections Only (https:).


  • I don't want to trust the PDF and leave Protected Mode, though -- I'm just trying to get rid of the infobar, via hackish means if necessary. – Ivan Kozik Jun 21 '14 at 20:20

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