I am trying to run selfoss through nginx webserver in a subfolder of my home directory. The files are in /home/me/web/selfoss, and by the nginx instruction

location /me/ {
    alias /home/me/web/;

I can open it on the URL myserver.com/me/selfoss and see some of the content. But the browser can not find all.css and all.js, which are in another subfolder at selfoss/public/, so I set another nginx instruction like said in the wiki

location ~ ^/selfoss/(.+)$ {
    try_files /selfoss/public/$1 /selfoss/index.php$is_args$args;

but this instruction seems to never match.

The me-instruction is in a file me.conf which is included in the server file in sites-available and the selfoss instruction is in another file selfoss.conf also included in the server file. I tried both including selfoss.conf as a sibling of me.conf and inside me.conf. No difference on both tries, all.js and all.css are not found.

What can I do?


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