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Recent Notepad++ started to come with spell checking which puts "red lines that appear under misspelled words" (ms office help terminology) mainly in txt files. I'd like to disable it everywhere.


I would like to disable this feature for several reasons:

  • (usability-obstacle) (eye-strain) the red lines get in the way while reading text.
    (In particular if you suffer from vision impairment, dyslexia or other reading difficulties, you may want this to be off.)
  • (unwelcome feature) arguably, it can be considered ill-positioned/unnecessary to make it a mandatory feature
  • I do not need it
  • (privacy) I'm not comfortable with the idea that yet-another piece of code is reading my writings
    (diary, anyone?) - you can call me paranoid but in today's word I wanna keep this at minimum.
    edit: actually, it has already been exploited.

what I've tried

I've tried looking around in (menu bar) -> settings -> preferences... but the option, should it exist, eluded me.

I've also tried going to (menu bar) -> plugins -> plugin manager -> show plugin manager -> (tabs) -> installed, search spell-Checker and uninstall (Remove) it. But the lines are still underlined with red. :(

How do I disable spell-checking in Notepad++?

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Here is the simplest 1-click solution: the toolbar button.

enter image description here

The spell checking is disabled in all documents. The setting is persistent after reopening files and restarting Notepad++.


there are a couple of methods to do this.

To completely remove the spell checker functionality, go to:

Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager > "Installed" (Tab) > Select DSpellCheck and Remove

To disable it, you can go to:

Plugins > DSpellCheck > Untick the box which is titled "Spell Check Document Automatically"

Alternatively, you can enable or disable spell checking for certain file types. For this, you go to:

Plugins > DSpellCheck > Settings

From here, you can choose to exclude *.txt or similar or set it to only spellcheck types like *.html if you do any web work.. whatever works for you really!


I didn't notice there is another spell-check plugin called DSpellcheck. It was the one!

Just go to Plugin Manager's installed tab, tick DSpellCheck and click Remove. It will restart your notepad++ and it will be gone.

Step-by-step (inside Notepad++)

  • save your work!
  • go to (menu bar) -> plugins -> plugin manager -> show plugin manager -> (tabs) -> installed
  • search DSpellCheck, tick it, and click Remove.
  • warning: Notepad++ will restart!
  • it should be gone!

history and security

DSpellCheck seems to be included from Notepad++ 6.3.3 and onwards:

Release Date: 2013-05-05


Notepad++ v6.3.3 new features:


 4. Add new spell checker plugin (DSpellCheck).

It already seems to have a record of being exploited in the past: http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/32706/

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