I have added a simple data validation to a cell but it only displays 8 items in the dropdown.

enter image description here

Excluding the combobox solution and probably involving some WinAPI is there a way to make the drop down list longer/bigger?


@ me how: No, you cannot enlarge the displayed portion of the dropdown list - but the list itself can cover way more than 8 entries (over 32 000 entries actually). This is the reasen, why the dropdown list shows a scroll bar, if the covered entries exceed the displayed space.

Maybe this is also of interest to you: if you select the cell containing a dropdown list you can enter the dropdown using ALT + Arrowdown. This way no mouse is needed to perform data input using the dropdown list.

Cheers! Mike


One way of showing more than 8 items in a list is by using the developer tab and inserting a macro Drop-Down List control from the Toolbox and you can then specific how lines you want to show when clicking the drop-down arrow.

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