I have added a simple data validation to a cell but it only displays 8 items in the dropdown.

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Excluding the combobox solution and probably involving some WinAPI is there a way to make the drop down list longer/bigger?

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@ me how: No, you cannot enlarge the displayed portion of the dropdown list - but the list itself can cover way more than 8 entries (over 32 000 entries actually). This is the reasen, why the dropdown list shows a scroll bar, if the covered entries exceed the displayed space.

Maybe this is also of interest to you: if you select the cell containing a dropdown list you can enter the dropdown using ALT + Arrowdown. This way no mouse is needed to perform data input using the dropdown list.

Cheers! Mike


This is an old question and often the question is misunderstood with commenters saying "More than 8 lines are possible - just use the slider!.” The real question is: “How can I display more than 8 lines and not have to use the slider?”

The short answer is: “No, the drop-down is stuck at 8 lines.”

The longer answer is that it is possible by using the developer tab (customize your ribbon if you can’t see it), then “insert” and selected the “combo box form control.” A few clicks later and you'll have an unattractive drop down box that cannot be copied.

If you want a range, you’ll need to make separate combo boxes. The limitation is that so far I haven't been able to make other cells link or refer to the info in that combo box.

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