I use equation referencing word, in particular a solution on using a table with equation numbering suggested here how easily add equation numbers in word.

In addition, I want to add parantheses arround the equation number so, for example (1.1). I did this manually in the template created in the link given above. So I added ( and ) left and right of the equation number and saved it as a formula template. With each new template added, there is now a nice equation number in parantheses (1.2)... that is automatically created.

However, now I want to cross-reference the euqation. When I add the complete labeling it will add (1.1). However, now I want only the number. When I select 'only category and number' it will add


If I select add only label it inserts


This is strange, but reproducible, if you just create a simple equation number and add parantheses. Now add a cross-reference in the way described above and hte problem occurs. Is there a way to avoid this and only get the number?

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It seems to be that "(" is recognized to be part of the number format but ")" not. I have no idea how to solve this issue with cross referencing the equation number. My suggestion is a workaround.

What I am doing to avoid this problem is setting a bookmark for "1.1" (not on "(1.1)") and cross-referencing the bookmark.

I got this solution from here: http://www.pcreview.co.uk/threads/possible-to-have-a-linked-autonumber-field.2850387/

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