So, I have a hp pavilion with Windows 8 pre-installed OS on it. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 in UEFI mode with secure boot disabled and then reloaded GRUB through Windows so that every time I boot I see the GRUB menu.

Everything works correctly, however when I press F9 during boot-up I see multiple boot menu entries (10 so far) of the Ubuntu OS and a single entry of OS boot manager in an order like so:

ubuntu, OS boot manager, ubuntu, ubuntu, ...

Just after installation of Ubuntu, there was only one entry:

ubuntu, OS boot manager

Now, every time I press F9 a new entry appears.

Is there some way I can change these boot menu entries so that there is only one boot menu entry of Ubuntu ?

EXTRA INFO: I tried easyBCD and it didn't work. It shows that there are duplicate entries of internal hard drive, but when I attempt to delete it from easyBCD, they still shows up on the next boot.


Try Visual BCD Editor to delete not needed boot entries. Boot entries from NVRAM are not the same as boot entries/loaders specified in Windows BCD.

To delete - click on entry, right-click and select "delete selected object".

HP have not implemented UEFI very well I think. Is it one of these implementations where Windows boot manager is set as default and restored every time by firmware if not first(default) in NVRAM ?

  • This happens on my HP laptop as well with Windows 10 so sounds reasonable – munrobasher Aug 25 '15 at 8:43

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