I just want to be able to play Youtube videos in Opera 12.

I copied np32dsw.dll in Program Files/Opera/program/plugins

but it still says missing plugin :(

Is there any way to install the Flash plugin, without having to install the Adobe Flash Player?

It seems to work in Chrome...

plz help

  • Good News. Youtube uses HTML5 video. If you want to play Flash video from within Opera your only choice is to install Adobe Flash Player and enable the Opera support. – Ramhound Jun 26 '14 at 12:53
  • It says it's missing because the actual Flash Player plug-in is NPSWF32_xxx.dll (where xxx is the file version). – and31415 Jun 27 '14 at 17:21

It seems to work in Chrome...

That is because Chrome already includes Flash plugin. It doesn't take into account that np32dsw.dll file you put in the plugins folder.

I just want to be able to play Youtube videos in Opera 12.

A lot of Youtube videos are play-able in the new HTML5 player. Activate it by going to http://youtube.com/html5 and see if videos play. You don't need Flash Player.

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    A lot of other sites, like Bandcamp, do require it, though. And on Opera 12, with HTML5, the videos seem to cut off near the end. – Nyerguds Dec 26 '14 at 16:58

Manually install the Adobe Flash Player plug-in

Tested with Opera 12.17 / Adobe Flash Player on Windows 7 SP1 x86 (32-bit).

Getting just the Flash Player plug-in file (and nothing else) requires some work, because it comes bundled with a proprietary setup package which can't be unpacked easily.

To avoid an actual installation you can take advantage of virtualization software. For example you could install the package in a virtual machine, and then copy the required files to the main system. In this case a simpler alternative is to use JauntePE, a portable application creator.

  1. Log on with an administrator account, and get the latest standalone Flash Player installer.

  2. Download JauntePE, and extract its archive somewhere, e.g. through 7-Zip.

  3. Close all open browser windows.

  4. Right-click the JauntePE executable file, and choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

  5. Click the Edit > Add App menu, make sure the Install option is selected, and click the Next button. Click Browse and pick the installer file you downloaded earlier. Click the Finish button when done.

  6. Right-click the installer item from the Available Launchers list, and select Run.

  7. At this point the Flash Player setup should start. Tick the license agreement check box, and click Install. Click Done when it has finished.

  8. Go back to JauntePE, and select the Package Contents tab. Navigate to the following path:

    Windows\Windows System\Macromed\Flash
  9. Right-click the NPSWF32_xxx.dll file, and choose Copy from the context menu. Exit the program and discard the changes. Then navigate to the Opera plug-in folder, which is usually located here:

    C:\Program Files\Opera\program\plugins
  10. Paste the copied file into the folder. To verify the plug-in was installed successfully you can visit the following test pages:


Screenshot 1

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  • Hmm. While the site detection completely messed up on Opera 12 (didn't show a working download button) the standalone Flash Player installer itself worked fine. Thanks for that link! – Nyerguds Dec 26 '14 at 16:57

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