How can I have the same Extentions for all the users of the same computer?

More details:

  • I only want this for Windows, but if your solution works for others, that's ok.
  • When I say users I mean: Chrome users, not Windows users.
  • And not having to install every extension for every user.
  • And a better solution would be that the user data (for the extension) doesn't get shared between users.
  • Would be nice, if this is just a setting/configuration from Chrome, and not Windows.

Is this possible ? how ?


The only workaround is to use the same Chrome profile.

Think Yourself - if it possible at all if Extensions are stored in Chrome users profilessee: Where are the Extensions Files stored?, and Software (Chrome) is stored in Windows users profiles.

Maybe other way described here - write script to install Chrome with all extensions: Google Chrome's Alternate Installer

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