Hi I have a Cooler Master Elite 371 case which has a PSU on its bottom. Recently, I have purchased a MidRange GPU due to that SMPS connector for CPU (4-pin) and ATX 12V Power connector became short to reach on its place on motherboard.

Can I extend that connectors? Or do I need to buy new ones?

If I have to buy a new SMPS, then which one ? so that I will not face this problem in the future.

I have an AUSU P8Z77M motherboard.


Yes, you can find extension cables for your power supply. Keep in mind that every additional connector between the power supply and the mainboard reduces the available power and causes a voltage drop, so if you're overclocking or have an exceptionally power-hungry system, adding an extension cable may keep things from working properly.

  • thanks for the reply, No I have not such power hungry system.I just want to know that may it cause motherboard fauiluer due to such power drop?? – harsh patel Jun 29 '14 at 8:59
  • It won't break your mainboard. If the voltage drop is too much, it'll cause system instability (programs crashing at random, especially when doing CPU-intensive things) or the computer won't turn on at all. – Mark Jun 29 '14 at 9:04

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