Another question from superuser.com gave an definition of RDP, also an definition of RDP from MSDN Remote desktop graphics card

It mentioned that

On the server, RDP uses its own video driver to render display output by constructing the rendering information into network packets by using RDP protocol and sending them over the network to the client. On the client, RDP receives rendering data and interprets the packets into corresponding Microsoft Windows graphics device interface (GDI) API calls.

I don't understand here about "its own video driver". If i connect to a Windows Server 2012 R2, RDP will use always software video driver? or it will choose the best video driver installed on the server (like a graphic card's video driver)?

How does RemoteFx helps RDP? Is RemoteFx helps improving "its own video driver"?

How does GPU helps RemoteFX hardware compression?


RDP uses its own video driver. RemoteFX is a set of features - GPU virtualization, adaptive encoding and smart WAN protocol - all of which help improve RDP. Following blog posts provide an overview of these features.



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