I've had a few WAP54Gs that found some extra life with DD-WRT. Recently I added a few extra SSIDs to them (they had been running one each), which worked fine - until I rebooted one, and it stopped working (lights on, nobody home - resets had no effect.) The other had a power outage a few weeks later, same thing happened. These had worked for years after being DD-WRTed, and made no complaint about (and worked fine with) multiple SSIDs until the reboot/power cycle.

Given that they are rather obsolete 802.11g/b devices, it's not a burning question I need to solve ASAP (or quite possibly, ever - I swapped in newer n/g/b devices in both cases), but I'm curious if anyone else has run into this particular problem, and/or solved it.


It sounds like your devices got at least partly bricked. You may have a look at this debricking guide.

The pinout of your router's serial port can be found here. If you will solder a serial console port on it and connect using an USB<->serial converter, you would see the kernel messages etc. This info will help understand what's wrong and let you progress with fix ;)

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