I have a POS program that allows me to import stock items from a csv file. The problem is that it only accepts a certain csv format.

I have a Excel spreadsheet that saves my stock in different columns with applicable column headings. Even if I save that as a csv file the POS program can not import it as such. I would like to know how to convert following Excel spreadsheet (5 columns):

enter image description here

to (1 column):

enter image description here

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Concatenation is the keyword here. You can either use the actual concatenate function, or do it using the Ampersand.


Or simply do this, which makes it easier to tell the concatenation and the inserted commas apart.


However, this might not be the best solution for your problem, it just answers your question. ;-)


Also you can use TEXTJOIN(...) formula (in my OFFICE 2019) for concatenating a list or range of text strings using a delimiter. It's very useful and applicable.

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Found this answer in another answer (How do you force excel to quote all columns of a CSV file?)

This page also has the solution which comes straight from the horse's mouth:


If the link degrades, the topic to search for is:

"Procedure to export a text file with both comma and quote delimiters in Excel" and/or "Q291296"

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