Here is my mostly wireless setup:

  1. Linksys X3000 is used as an ADSL modem and a wi-fi router (lets say it provides ssid NETWORK1). Configured as, DHCP-server enabled here.
  2. Two Linksys RE1000 range extenders are located in rooms neerby to increase the coverage of NETWORK1 network (wireless connection to X3000). Configured with static IP as and respectively.
  3. D-Link DIR-300 NRU/B7 is connectioned by wire to X3000, configured as an access point (DHCP-server disabled) with static IP of, providing wi-fi network NETWORK2.
  4. The last range extender (also Linksys RE1000) is used to increase coverage of NETWORK2. It's configured as

When I connect to NETWORK1 or NETWORK2 provided by X3000 and DIR-3000 (without extenders) and ping - everything is ok.

But when I connect to NETWORK1 far from X3000 in an area of replicated signal by RE1000's and (I double-checked this case with inSSIDer app) I fail to ping and

Why it is so and how can it be fixed?

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ok, let me answer my own question. The problem looks to be solved by replacing the Linksys RE1000 range extenders by a new one.

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