I have a text file of URLs, each in the form of:


I want to download all of these, but save each file under the name:


In other words, for each file, I want to save the file under its original filename prefixed by the name of its parent directory.

How would I go about doing this on Windows?

I'm fine with using a command line tool, such as wget or curl, just give me the arguments.



Not sure how to make it in a pure windows environment, but in a cygwin environment, you could try this: (requires bash, sed, wget)

while read link; do a=`echo $link | sed 's/.*\/\(.*\)\/\(.*\)/wget \0 -O \1_\2/'`; echo $a; $($a); done < links.txt

where links.txt is your file.

Of course you can tweak the sed expression to convert the link to a filename in anyway.


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