I have already disabled third-party cookies. Is there any further advantage to be gained by installing Ghostery, Adversity, DoNotTrackMe etc, or do extensions like these simply allow fine-tuning?

  • The DoNotTrackMe extension is basically dead, there are basically 0 playes that will honor it, when they recieve it. IE is the only browser that sends it by default. – Ramhound Jul 9 '14 at 10:57

Whenever you load a page with a Facebook like button, Facebook knows you are there, even without setting a cookie. Ghostery stops those buttons being loaded, thereby preventing Google, Facebook, Doubleclick from tracking you.


Many advertizers now user browser fingerprinting to identify you, in addition to cookies. They may also use other tracking techniques like flash cookies.

Ghostery, Adblock (with the anti-social list), and also NoScript will prevent you from loading files from these advertizers/trackers, which makes it very hard for them to track you using other means.

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