I created a multilevel list with numbers for the headings. The hierarchy works with the headings. Now, I need to have regular list numbers under each heading that continue the heading number. If the heading number is 1. I need a numbered item that is 1.1 but is not a heading. Headings with number and items with numbers need to be available in any order. I can't find anything anywhere to explain how to do this.

  1. Heading 1
    1.1 Heading 2
  2. Heading 1
    2.1 Item (not a heading)

Maybe my solution here (Numbering equations based on chapter numbers in MS-Word) helps you:

Press CTRL+F9, insert "STYLEREF 1 \s", press F9, press ., press CTRL+F9, insert "SEQ eqn \* Arabic \s 1 \* MERGEFORMAT" and press F9.

It should look this way without pressing F9

{ STYLEREF 1 \s }.{ SEQ eqn \* Arabic \s 1 \* MERGEFORMAT }

and this way with pressing F9


Please see Numbering equations based on chapter numbers in MS-Word on how it actually works and how you can reference these numbers.

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