Is there a way to show the full name of bookmarks that have really long names on the bookmark bar in Google Chrome? Currently they are being shortened by truncation with ellipses in a manner similar to the CSS property text-overflow:

enter image description here

Related: How do I show full names of folders that contain bookmarks in the Google Chrome Bookmark Bar?

However in that issue, the problem is described as a Linux-only issue whereas I am currently running Windows 8.

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    I also faced the issue today. But after 7 years also no answers. So I started a bounty.
    – JFan

As far as I know, there is no way of getting rid of those ellipsis and make more space available for the bookmark names. Some past tricks existed for making the font smaller, so fitting more characters in the allocated space, but these were not very useful.

The only method I can suggest is to create folders in your bookmarks bar and store the bookmarks in them. The contents of the folder will appear in a drop down list once it is clicked, and the names will appear in full:

enter image description here

You could have a mixture by leaving bookmarks with short names in the bar and only put the ones with long names in the folder(s).

This idea is not perfect, but I don't know of a perfect solution to this problem.


This is really more of a circumvention, but the way I deal with the issue is to right click on the bookmark (or folder) and use "rename" to make it something shorter and unique.

  • That is the complete opposite of what I want to accomplish. I want a really long name to take up to the entire width of the bookmark bar and only truncated if it exceeds the width of the browser (as the bookmark bar does not wrap onto multiple lines). Jul 11 '14 at 15:39

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