I tried to create a ssh key by doing following command:

ssh-keygen -t dsa

then it prompts me to enter store path:

Enter file in which to save the key (/Users/KesongXie/.ssh/id_dsa): id_dsa

after I entering my passphrase, i got the following result

Your identification has been saved in id_dsa.
Your public key has been saved in id_dsa.pub.

Then i tried to load my private ssh key using the followibg command

ssh-add /Users/KesongXie/.ssh/id_dsa

It shows the result:

-bash: ssh-add/Users/KesongXie/.ssh/id_dsa: No such file or directory

When I navigate to my local diretory, Users/KesongXie, and I can not find the .ssh file(as expected , doc files are hidden ), but when I tried to view it in my terminal, I type

cd ~

I got Users/KesongXie and i tired to ls and expect to see my .ssh, but it's still invisible. then i tried to

cd .ssh

I found out i then entered the .ssh directory, use ls , i can see the following result:

github_rsa  github_rsa.pub  id_dsa      id_dsa.pub  known_hosts

the keys do store in the .ssh folder , but i wonder why i can not load the private key using

ssh-add /Users/KesongXie/.ssh/id_dsa
  • Try to copy-and-paste the command you entered in your post into the terminal. It should work. You must have mistyped it into your terminal the first time.
    – BenjiWiebe
    Jul 12, 2014 at 17:01

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-bash: ssh-add/Users/KesongXie/.ssh/id_dsa: No such file or directory is a strange error message - It means Bash thought you tried to run the literal command ssh-add/Users/KesongXie/.ssh/id_dsa. Are you sure you used an ASCII space (0x20) after ssh-add?

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