I recently experienced a catastrophic failure due to a large static shock from my body to my computer, causing the OS to freeze, and restart, and then my computer would not boot anymore. I removed my video card, and then my computer would boot up. However, I cannot boot Windows 8 into Normal Mode, but only in Safe Mode. I can see the Windows 8 startup logo spinning around, but once the login screen is supposed to show, the monitor turns off and says that the screen is not receiving a signal.

I can boot into Safe Mode with Networking, and any other safe mode, and do whatever I need to do, but no dice on the Normal Mode. I can also load up Linux Mint from a flash stick and see all my drives and such, and utilize my computer.

TLDR, I believe that my video drivers need to be removed, reconfigured, or something, but I'm not sure how to do that from Safe Mode.


In Safe Mode, try changing the screen resolution, and then boot into normal mode.

Or in Safe mode, install the [latest] driver for your onboard video.

  • That was it. I had to disable my video card drivers, and update/install the drivers for the on-board video card. Then, I had to also plug in both monitors even though the on-board only supports one being plugged in at a time. Thank you! – FilBot3 Jul 14 '14 at 0:46

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