When I triy to open any pdf files in firefox browser internet download manager captures its link and shows the prompt screen to download that file.

I want to open that pdf file in the browser itself without disabling IDM. Is there any shortcut key to do this?

  • Foxit Reader Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape - works for me. For a better answer you´d need to specify which reader you use. I think it may install during the Foxit installation rather than as a separate etension. – BrianA Jul 14 '14 at 9:46
  • i am using adobe reader plugin – ANUJ SINGH Jul 14 '14 at 12:16

1.Open up IDM, click Options

enter image description here

2.In General tab of IDM's configuration window, click Keys button:

enter image description here

3.Check the check-box Prevent downloading with IDM ,choose any key combination you want.(YOU HAVE TO PRESS AND HOLD THESE KEYS WHILE OPENING A PDF LINK IN FIREFOX)

enter image description here

Another way:
In File types tab, just delete the PDF extension, the below picture shown means IDM will capture the PDF files, to read it in Browser, just delete PDF and click OK. You may have to restart Firefox enter image description here

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    i am new in superuser ..and my reputation is not above 15 .. i will upvote your answer as soon as my reputation exceeds 15............ – ANUJ SINGH Jul 17 '14 at 8:29

An easy way is to click Alt button.
If you want to temporary disable IDM for single download you may hold Alt button while clicking on the download link to prevent IDM from taking the download.


Press Ctrl + Alt (don't remove your finger from any of the keys) and then click on PDF file link, it will open your PDF in a separate tab.

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