I am not familiar with Windows very much, and I have trouble installing a MMC certificate. I am following this description to use MMC to create a certificate, but I cannot complete the step labeled ' Install or view the certificates under:'. There is nothing unter 'ConsoleRoot' -> 'Certificates (Local Computer)' -> 'Personal', and when I try to find the certificate I cannot find it.

There is another page with nice screenshots, which works until step 9 when I am about to choose the certificate file. I do not know where this file is been created, if at all.

How can I create/install/import this certificate? I require this in order to use the powershell Enter-PSSession from a remote machine...

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Well for starters you do not create certificates with MMC. You have to have a certificate file, know where it is in the filesystem, and then you have to add the console snap-in if you want to handle certificates graphically

When You've added the MMC snap-in you then install/import the certificate

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