Is there a way to get the MAC and IPV6 Global link address for the network, just as ARP does with IPV4 in Ubuntu. I tried to retrieve IPV6(Link Local Address) using THC-IPV6 tool. But retrieving MAC is not possible.

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    Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) provides equivalent functionality for IPv6 that ARP does for IPv4. Take a look at the output of ip -6 neighbour or in Windows netsh interface ipv6 show neighbors
    – Brian
    Jul 15 '14 at 13:08
  • ip -6 neighbour returned no results. IPV6 is disabled in my router. Only link local address is available.So I created a local DHCPV6 server in one of my system, which will provide IPV6 to rest of the machines.Is it possible to implement NDP in C-language.Isn't that the THC-IPV6 tool based on NDP.
    – user346508
    Jul 16 '14 at 9:03

alive6 from the THC-IPv6 toolkit does not do the job, but right after a scan you may issue indeed ip -6 neigh as alive6 will "wake up" all neighbors so that they will show up in the neighbor cache.

A cleaner way is to use scan6 from the IPv6 toolkit, scan6 -i <if> -L -e -v does what you look for.

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