I am trying to lookup value 1 in the example below and return corresponding column name. When I use index match, it only looks up the first column which corresponds to 1 in the below example, it looks up Austin to a corresponding value of 1. I also require other matches to locate backups as shown below. example, it looks up Austin.


Employee Name    Austin     Janet    Rita    John    Jenson
Skill level        1          2       3       3       1

Desired output

SME    SME 1       SME 1 backup    SME 2     SME 2 backup    SME 3    SME 3 backup 
       Austin      Jenson          Janet     NA              Rita     john

It becomes much easier if your output looks like:

enter image description here

Where the formulas for the first primary, and backup are:


respectively, then the backups can be drag filled down, and everything can be drag filled over.

You can wrap the formula with


if you'd prefer blanks over the N/As

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