I have a problem and I would not format more my poor HDDs.

Hardware situation:

  • Motherboard Asrock 970 Extreme4 (UEFI)
  • HDD1 (/dev/sda) -> Recovery | EFI Partition | Windows 8.1
  • HDD2 (/dev/sdb) -> Linux
  • HDD3 (/dev/sdc) -> No OS, only data (files, etc..)

My problem: the UEFI/EFI Partition. Condition: Don't format Windows partition absolutely. Request: Having Linux (possibly Arch).

I have already configured UEFI (secure boot disabled, etc..). I tried to install: Chakra+Grub, Arch+Grub, Arch+Gummiboot, Kubuntu+Grub; Result: nothing. Error during installation; Installation that disappearing (kubuntu). Yes, correctly installed but after rebooting the installation the system no longer exist; etc..

In any attempt if I turn on the computer, I select Linux and it starts correctly (in the best case), restart the computer and I select Windows and start up correctly -> I'm so happy :D but ... there are a but ... if I reboot my computer ... puff ... does not appear boot loader and boot directly in Windows.

  • You need to replace the Windows Boot loader on the HDD1 with Grub2, then run the setup, so Grub2 can chain boot into Linux/Windows. There are tons of tutorials on that subject. – Ramhound Jul 17 '14 at 3:15

You should first examine all partitions on "HDD1(/dev/sda)->Recovery|EFI Partition|Windows 8.1".

There should be (Recovery + EFI System + MS Reserved + Windows partition). Nothing else.

Then examine all folders on EFI System partition (map partition with "mountvol Z: /s") you should have EFI\Boot, EFI\Microsoft and EFI(ubuntu,...) whatever Linux you installed. Delete all folders you don't need.

Rewrite MBR using "bootsect /nt60 ALL /MBR" (in case MBR is a "protective MBR").

Go to forum for your Linux - see how to reinstall GRUB in UEFI mode and reinstall GRUB using LiveCD.

This should allow you to boot either Windows or Linux using firmware device selection.

If you put Linux as first choice in firmware you could boot to GRUB boot menu where you have the choice to boot either Linux or Windows.

Windows boot manager cannot boot(chain load) Linux on UEFI.

See BootNext utility which allows booting of any Linux from a running Windows Vista/7/8 on UEFI and BIOS firmware.

See also rEFInd Boot Manager which allows boot selection of any installed OS.

  • uhm.. Can I change the EFI partition simply by assigning it a drive letter? After deleting everything that is "more" I have to restore the MBR? With the UEFI was not "ignored"? – Dreeg Jul 17 '14 at 10:49

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