Something funny happened. I develop artificial intelligence software on my Dell Inspiron 17R, so I frequently have to deal with very large datasets in Java. Here we go.

  1. Last night, I was performing some typical office-ish tasks (I'm a student), so I was using 1-2 of my 8GB RAM.
  2. I ran an AI test, which ramped up CPU to ~100% and RAM was pretty big until I could no longer track it from Process Explorer, because ...
  3. My computer froze, presumably from using up all the memory.
  4. My screen flicked out of Aero for a moment --- normally this is because Battery Care wants to save power on battery mode, but I was on AC the entire time.
  5. I gave my system a minute or so to "wake up," then ...
  6. I gave it the hug of death to shut down, and proceeded to restart.
  7. Startup failed, auto-restart, and it wants to enter Startup Repair.
  8. Some more helplessness, and then my dad recommended that I disconnect AC and battery and press the power button for a while.
  9. Restart.
  10. Chose normal boot.
  11. Windows logo animation.
  12. BSOD and auto-restart.
  13. User gave up and powered computer mid-BIOS.

How can I get my computer working again? Apparently Startup Repair isn't any good.

Do I dare attempt more Startup Repair, etc. without backing up my HD?

  • Your AI escaped, taking important Windows files with it to prevent you discovering that the source code is now gone. Thanks for starting Skynet. – Michael Frank Jul 18 '14 at 5:48
  • @MichaelFrank I never thought machines would beat humans already ---- at least, though given how amazing Java is, it's not a big surprise. – Simon Kuang Jul 18 '14 at 5:50

BSOD and auto-restarts? It seems to me a RAM problem. You could try replacing your RAM if you have a memory bank available or if your 8GB are split in two banks you can try to restart with only one bank at a time to identify the broken one.

If your RAM banks are ok and the problem is of software nature you could try with Yumi (boot USB creator) and Boot Repair Disk to fix Windows startup problems.

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  • But could go explain why this RAM problem was absent before? – Simon Kuang Jul 18 '14 at 16:55
  • A RAM problem is absent until it appears ;) Have you discovered anything? – DaBigNikoladze Jul 21 '14 at 17:51
  • Okay. Memtestx86+ passed. Fedora, Ubuntu, Tails, and Windows 7 rescue disc all freeze somewhere in boot. At least the latter was able to load the mouse driver. – Simon Kuang Jul 21 '14 at 18:05
  • Can you link to Boot Repair Disk? – Simon Kuang Jul 21 '14 at 18:06
  • Simon if you follow the link to Yumi and install it you'll find a list of available ISO images to download. Otherwise you can find BRD here: sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd If I were in you I would try to extract one RAM slot at a time and boot. If all these OS froze at startup it must be an hardware problem... – DaBigNikoladze Jul 21 '14 at 18:19

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