I am currently using this REGEX to get whole words with a prefix of PRE_


This works fine for most cases, but I would like to handle cases when a special character is part of the word, such as a period, comma or other special character . , ; - { } ( ) [ ]

For example, the words here:

PRE_complexword()a.;.is deleted
Somewords ahead PRE_sometext() ending in other words
Words with bracket [PRE_brackettext] are deleted
PRE_sampleword is spaced out so deleted

I would like only to find the first part of a delimited word. So I can delete or replace the word. So, in the case of replacing all PRE_ prefixed words in this scenario with "" as the text, I would get:

<DELETED>()a.;.is deleted
Somewords ahead <DELETED>() ending in other words
Words with bracket [<DELETED>] are deleted
<DELETED> is spaced out so deleted

I was trying different REGEX, but nothing really matches entirely correct throughout the samples. Something like the following doesn't work:


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


Method 1

Instead of including all non-space character (\S in your first regex) after PRE_, simply state all "non-delimiters" in your search and it should do.

The following works for all of your example, by replacing \S with [A-Za-z]:


If you wish to include numeric, hyphen (-) and underscore (_) you can use the following instead:


Method 2

Otherwise, you could modify your \S into "anything but \s and other delimiters such as ., ,, ;, {. }, (, ), [, ] (and any others at your wish)" In that way your regex becomes


The phrase [^blahblah] means any character except blahblah.

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