Colors work when adding col elflord to my .vimrc file but vim complains about trailing characters col elflord. Changing the command to color elflord or colorscheme elflord gets rid of the complaint, but then colors don't work.

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The :col abbreviation expands to :colder, not :colorscheme. Typing :col<Tab> or :help :col would have told you that. I'd generally recommend to use the full command names in .vimrc or plugins for clarity; the abbreviations are most useful when entering commands interactively.

So, you have to investigate why the colorscheme doesn't work:

  • Does it work when entered interactively? Then, there's probably another colorscheme definition in your ~/.vimrc, or in a plugin. :echo g:colors_name tells you the current colorscheme.
  • Does the file exist? :echo globpath(&runtimepath, 'colors/elflord.vim') should list the colorscheme.

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