Is there a keyboard short-cut to switch IIS manager between Feature and Content view?

I prefer to keep the hands on the keyboard, rather than grab the mouse!


I did not find out any keyboard-shortcut to do that (see IIS introduction page), but you can use the right click menu button, which has the same function with right click mouse. This button on the right side of right Window button, or Shift + F10 if you don't have such, e.g. on a laptop

Key sequence:

  • Use Up or Down to select your site
  • Hit Menu button, then Up to select Switch to Feature/Content view
  • Hit Enter.

Use Tab to move among panels. This way can keep your hand away of using mouse.

  • Excellent, didn't think of the right click menu ... FYI, your response assumes I was using a standard keyboard. In my case it's a laptop ... I have to use the Shift + F10 – SteveC Jul 21 '14 at 11:03

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