When using KeePass with the GoogleSync plugin (to sync the keypass db with Google Drive), I somehow messed up my config and received this message on every sync attempt:

Error occurred while sending a direct message or getting the response

I think what I actually did was try to switch my Google API credentials (from one API key to another)


The user config saves a Google auth key. In my case I changed the API credentials I wanted to use, but it could become corrupted in other ways and there doesn't seem to be a mechanism in KeePass/GoogleSync to rectify it.

  1. Exit KeePass
  2. Delete (or backup to a different name) the file %LOCALAPPDATA%\Dominik_Reichl\KeePass[...]\[version]\user.config
  3. Restart KeePass and it'll regenerate it with the correct config

Found my reference here:


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