I'm trying to debug a NetworkManager-powered wireless connection. It works when I feed wpa_supplicant with a custom wpa_supplicant.conf file written by me, but when I configure NetworkManager with the same parameters it does not work. I would like to know the exact parameters that NetworkManager is feeding to wpa_supplicant in order to compare with my custom configuration.

I can connect to wpa_supplicant using wpa_cli and I can retrieve each single parameter. But I would like to have a way to dump the whole configuration at once, or at least a way to have a list of all the parameters that I can fetch.

My system is running Debian sid with up-to-date packages.

  • Thanks. I had a similar problem: a connection not working with manual wpa_supplicant.conf, but with NetworkManager and with wpa_cli both working, so this helped me to determine that NetworkManager is not the way to go. wpa_cli > save_config (with wpa_supplicant.conf:update_config=1 finally worked for me.) – u_Ltd. May 12 '18 at 6:48

I'm afraid you can't "dump" the set of parameters with wpa_cli. But have you taken a look at the files in the folder /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections? Could prove handy, I suppose.

  • Yes, I know that, but that is not really what I want. I do not want the NM configuration, but the wpa_supplicant configuration generated by NM (because I think that this generation process is buggy in my case). Something of it appear in the syslog, but I wonder whether there is a way to collect it all together. – Giovanni Mascellani Jul 23 '14 at 18:01

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