I use a US-international keyboard so that pressing 'a produces "á" while on insert mode.

However, I would like to access a mark named a by pressing 'a under normal mode. That doesn't work and as a workaround I have to press 'spacea.

Is there a solution? I mean, can vim even see that I pressed the ' key or the whole dead-key mechanism is invisible to vim so that it only gets a keystroke when a is typed afterward (I'm on Linux)?

In that last case I could, of course, remap "à" to "'a" on normal mode. But that wouldn't work with every key, I mean, pressing 'b produce no text output at all on my current keyboard layout.


Your hunch is right: The dead keys are handled by the operating system outside of Vim, and Vim only sees the result.

You could remap the ' command to a different key, but there are few unused ones left.

In case you're mostly editing in Vim (and you probably should, as it is such a superior experience), you don't need the US International layout at all: Vim provides its own input method for special characters, called digraphs. Inside Vim, you can enter the á character by pressing Ctrl + K, ', a.

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