For example, I want to search for a file

where /r C:\ "myfile.txt"

and then make the output of that command which would be the file path to "myfile.txt" a variable I choose,

So then the path to that file is now a variable so I could do echo %variable% and it would print the path?

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c:\> for /?

... will list how for works, look for the line

 FOR /F ["options"] %variable IN (`command`) DO command [command-parameters] 

and read about it.

Now note that %variable is LOCAL to for so you need to have e.g. set F=%variable within command

C:\> for /F "usebackq" %v in (`echo Check-it-out`) do @ set F=%v
C:\> echo To do: %F%

will print To do: Check-it-out

  • Additional comment: If you do not have any specific reason to restrict yourself to CMD.EXE, then a peek into more capable scripting languages might be worthwhile. PowerShell is one, and there is many more of them...
    – Hannu
    Jul 24, 2014 at 19:11

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