I have two servers with same service, so

server 1 xxx.myhost.com   A record ip
server 2 xx2.myhost.com   CNAME record to otherhost.com

The server number 1 is the principal, so, I gave to my clients this host (xxx.myhost.com) to get access. Server 2 is a supporting server, in case #1 is not working.

I want to know: supposing server 1 went down for any reason, how should I configure bind to redirect to server 2?

so graphically my client call xxx.myhost.com ----it's down--- so bind automatically redirect to----xx2.myhost.com.

And of course my clients don't know about server 2 and they don't need to know it...

It's like MX servers ...only with A and CNAME records....

Sorry for my bad English.


What you're looking for is failover. This has actually been covered more technically over on ServerFault. But the tl;dr version is that Bind has no native facility for this.

You could use DDNS and zone updates to achieve this, but that would require quite a bit of additional configuration.

I guess you could also set up a custom script to monitor the server and push a zone update when it goes down. But again, quite a bit of custom configuration there. And it would be subject to the same problems mentioned in the first link - namely DNS caching.

As Rex said in the first link, some DNS providers, such as Route53 (which I have personal experience with) have integrated failover capability. This is probably the most 'sane' implementation.

A more exotic option is to set up the DNS to point to a 'gateway' server, which has static routes pointing to the 'preferred' server. A daemon of some type can check if the server is alive and change the routes as needed. This wouldn't have DNS latency, but - again - this is a pretty custom setup.


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