Every book has an "Index" at the end and using which we find specific text in the book.

I have created a document in Libre Office Writer and now I want to create the "Index" like the same in a book. I can manually do that by selecting words and putting page numbers against them. But after doing so, if I add a couple of pages in the mid I have to redo the indexing again, that is terrible.

I imagine a feature, that lists all the words in my document and let me choose the words which should go in the index. Then the index is automatically created. If the page numbers change after creating the index, then the index is automatically updated. If I delete some words in the document that are already in the index, then the index is automatically updated.

Is my dream feature (or similar) available in Libre Office Writer? If so, please explain how to do it.


LibreOffice / OpenOffice writer can create and maintain indices automatically. You just have to define the index entries. To create a index entry, select the word to put in the index, and select Menu "Insert" -> "Indices and Tables" -> "Entry...":

enter image description here

There, optionally, you can define a different key for the current word. There's also a very nice feature "Apply to all similar texts": this will create index entries for every other occurrence of that word, so you don't have to define every occurrence of the word as index entry.

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