I currently have windows 8 in my laptop with 4 gb RAM.. I recently installed the virtual machine of ubuntu. Now I need to run a tool whose memory requirements are as follows : 1) Atleast 5 gb RAM 2) Atleast 20 gb hard disk space

And this tool can be run only on ubuntu. Now how do I meet this set of requirements? By what amount should I extend my RAM and how much of RAM and hard disk should be put aside for the virtual machine?

  • 1. "my laptop with 4 gb RAM", 2. "memory requirements are as follows : 1) Atleast 5 gb RAM" ... are your sure ? – Eugen Rieck Jul 25 '14 at 9:05
  • yes pretty sure :) – anonymous Jul 25 '14 at 10:06

Well, lets break this down to what you need and what you have:-

Your base OS (Win 8) requires 2gb of RAM to function (assuming you're using x64), if you lower it down to this level then it will run, but it will run slow.

Ubuntu requires 512mb of RAM to function, so taking 512mb is going to be a minimum. Ubuntu also needs 5gb of disk space to install.

The obvious solution is to split the ram 50/50 and give each OS 2gb, this is enough for both of them to function, but your programs requirements are 5gb, so you may still have trouble even when giving as much as possible to Ubuntu.

As far as disk space is concerned, calculate what you need in total (5gb+20gb) then add another 1/3 on top of it for spurious log files and other unforeseen applications, so you're looking at about 35gb of hard disc space.

Overall, I don't think your laptop is suitable for running the application you're trying to run due to the sheer lack of RAM available.

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