I'm writing an IRC bot that hangs out in lots of channels, but in some of those channels I want to mark the bot as muted/away/quiet. I've done this via code - stopping the bot sending messages to those channels, but I'd like a way for other IRC users to determine if the bot it silent in that channel.

A traditional way of doing this on IRC has been setting your nick to botname_, or botname|afk, but obviously that has effect in all channels so it's not going to work on a per-channel basis.

The bot is an OP, otherwise I think minus voice (-v) might have worked - I can't get the bot to take voice away from itself, can I? Is there another mode or trick I could use? Thanks!


The correct way to do this, would be with the /away command.

It doesn't provide immediate, visible indication of the current status of the bot, but anybody that /msgs or /whoiss the bot will see the message.

Failing that, depending on what network you're on, the bot can use:

/msg ChanServ VOICE #channel botname

Which will cause ChanServ to voice the bot, providing they have the necessary access levels, or are on the VOP list (see /msg ChanServ help VOP)

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