I have a mail merge field called, «ADDRESSLINE2»

My data is bad how do remove the carriage return from this merge field.

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    If the carriage return is in the data, in the general case you will not be able to remove it using field codes. What is the data source (Word, Excel, Access,...)? – user181946 Aug 3 '14 at 12:47
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I assume you mean when that field is populated during mail merge but has no data a line break still remains in the document? Microsoft has a tutorial about how to avoid this.

On the Tools menu, click Mail Merge. In the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, click Merge.

NOTE: You must select the main document and data source for the merge before you perform step 2. In the Merge dialog box, under When Merging Records, click either: Don't print blank lines when data fields are empty.

-or- Print blank lines when data fields are empty. Click Close in the Merge dialog box, and then click Close in the Mail Merge Helper.

NOTE: If you made no changes in the Merge dialog box, the Close button is not available. Click Cancel instead.

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