Ok, so I am trying to use CamStudio for my own youtube channel. I am new to this video codec thing, but I followed this tutorial completely.

I am now testing it in full 1080p resolution. I used Xvid codec to encode my video. The video quality was good, but the audio was too low. I changed it to 44.1KHz Stereo and mono (PCM)both, but the sound was still low. However mono sound was lower than Stereo.

When I enhanced the sound to 200% in VLC, I was almost able to hear it correctly. But I couldn't ask my viewers to download the video and use VLC to play it.

I tried using virtualDB after seeing this SU answer. But it converted my 7 MB AVI video to a massive 3.52 GB AVI. I enhanced the sound to maximum (+30dB just for testing it). The sound was good, except some background noise, but I can live with that. My only concern is with the file size.

I am guessing that the output codec used by virtualDB was the default one and not XVid (I took reference from the CamStudio video tutorial about codecs). I also guessed this because virtualDB didn't let me use Direct stream copy in video and I had to use Full Processing mode. It gave me a warning about codec when playing the output file.

The currently selected output plugin cannot be used in direct stream copy mode.

Any idea how to make it work in Direct stream copy mode?


Oh I found an answer just by trying out. I am not able to play the output video still, when I am in direct stream mode for video. But I can just hit save and it'll save the audio enhanced video. This way the file size was almost similar (upped by few KBs). I guess I can live with that. Leaving the question in case it help someone.

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