The project at hand that I am having issues with is that I need to run a set of program models on one computer. Each model has different file configurations, but in the C:\ drive the folders are named the same as the program looks for these when starting. On top of that there is a security dongle. I have tried running them sandboxed w/Sandboxie, it works this way but to make it usable I would have to go and change the directories in the code... witch are a lot of areas in the code. The other option that I tried was VirtualBox, this would work excellent, but the issue with this is that it doesn't detect the security dongle (LPT). What other options do I have, other than changing up the code. Maybe a new setup or some other utility?

Thanks in advance.


It seems that documentation is sparse, but VirtualBox does have LPT support as of 4.2.

From the Commands Overview

--lptmode<1-N> <Device> Specifies the Device Name of the parallel port that the Parallel Port feature will be using. Use this before --lpt. This feature is host operating system specific.

--lpt<1-N> <I/O base> <IRQ> Specifies the I/O address of the parallel port and the IRQ number that the Parallel Port feature will be using. Use this after --lptmod. I/O base address and IRQ are the values that guest sees i.e. the values avalable under guest Device Manager.

This also looks useful:

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