I want to do something like

mogrify -format jpg *.png

However, I want to encode the jpg at a higher quality than the default. Is there a way to do this?

mogrify -format jpg -quality 100 *.png

According to the official documentation the quality parameter can be 1 - 100 and the effect varies depending on the resulting format.

  • For JPG output a value of 1 gives worst quality and highest compression; a value of 100 gives best quality and lowest compression.
  • For PNG files the quality parameter only changes the lossless compression strategies used, so the speed of compression and the resulting file size can be affected but image quality remains the same.

With any Linux command, you can enter

man [command]

To see the help page that list out the information and parameters available.

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    Almost any Linux command. – Nathaniel Dec 5 '09 at 21:34
  • Or you can avoid the terror of man by using bro. Install. – Teque5 Oct 14 '16 at 17:17
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    Or you can just Google it and read the SE answer for the specific parameter you're looking for, which is usually faster than scanning the man page for it. – joseph_morris Feb 23 '17 at 17:55

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