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When I shut down(not sleep or standby or hibernate) the computer the is at 80%. Next morning I tried open my laptop it didn't start without plugging the ac power because the battery level is 0%. I'm sure its not my battery problem because its giving 3 hours of backup on 80%(battery life cycle extension) only and I calibrated my battery too.

I bought my laptop last year. My laptop is Samsung series 3 np350v5c Windows 7 home premium 64-bit and 8 gb ram installed. I just wanna know why this happened and a solution of course.

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    Don’t ever let it discharge to 0%. Repeatedly doing so will lead to excessive capacity loss. – Daniel B Aug 9 '14 at 16:39

It could be a loose connection, either at the DC plug or the wall plug.

Does your transformer feel warm? If not, it's not powered on, so there's probably a loose connection at the wall plug (or possibly a dead transformer).

Does the battery feel warm? If not, it's not getting any juice to charge.

Both components will be noticeably warm when operational.


The problem may be some hardware drawing power when the laptop is powered down. Common bits of hardware that do this are USB mice and keyboards and in-built wireless network cards.

A few things to check:

1) When you are powered down, is the mouse still active?

2) Open Device Manager
* For each hardware listed, open Properties
* Is there a `Power Management` tab?
* If yes, ensure `Allow this device to wake the computer` is NOT selected
* Click Ok (and move onto next hardware entry)

For the 2nd step, there will likely be several dozen hardware entries in Device Manager. Each check takes about 15s, so you'll need to budget about 5 or more minutes...be patient!

Another problem may be the network card itself. Modern network cards, by default, continue to draw power even when the laptop is "off". Refer to this Superuser question and answer for details.

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