How can one recode

subst P: /D
subst P: D:\mydir

such that a second run does not delete the drive needlessly i.e. if the drive is already subst-ed to this path?

The momentary removal of the drive interferes with an Explorer view that I have watching that drive.

  • Is it possible P: could be connected to a different path or is it just enough to check if P is connected (to any random path) and if not connect it to D:\mydir ?? The latter would be easy to do with an IF NOT EXIST P:\NUL subst P: D:\mydir – Rik Aug 10 '14 at 10:45
  • @Rik, thanks for the thought but I do need the full check. Leaving P: on a different path would be disastrous. – ChrisJJ Aug 10 '14 at 13:46

Ok, so you definitely need the full check that P: get redirected to D:\mydir

You could do it like this (save as a batch-file):

@echo off
subst | findstr /C:"P:\\: => D:\\MYDIR" 1> nul
if errorlevel 1 (
  echo. P-drive not mapped to D:\mydir
  echo. remapping P:\
  subst P: /D 1> nul
  subst P: D:\mydir
) else (
  echo. P-drive already mapped to D:\mydir

It checks (with command subst and findstr) if the P: is already mapped to D:\mydir.
(please note the double \ in the check with findstr)
(also please note that subst always returns the path in all caps)

  • if P:\: => D:\MYDIR is not present in subst then we need to remap.
  • The subst P: /D 1> nul deletes the current P:
    (and suppresses any error message in case P: was not mapped)
  • Then with subst P: D:\mydir we map the drive
    (no error message should appear as we just deleted any P-mapping)
  • You could delete the echo-lines if you don't want them

Please check your output of subst to see if it corresponds with the format i used here. So:
P:\: => D:\MYDIR
(if not, please adjust the batch-file accordingly)

Here is a revised (and parameterized) version. You can call it like remap P: D:\mydir. The new version is case-insensitive. It adds the double \ to the findstr parameters. It checks beforehand if the directory exists (it may not contain a trailing slash).

@echo off
if "%2"=="" (
  echo. Call with: %0 drive: destination-direcory
if not exist "%2\." (
  echo. The destination directory does not exist
SET drive=%1\\
SET dest=%2
SET dest=%dest:\=\\%
subst | findstr /I /R /C:"^%drive%: => %dest%$" 1> nul
if errorlevel 1 (
  echo. %1-drive not mapped to %2
  echo. remapping %1
  subst %1 /D 1> nul
  subst %1 %2
) ELSE (
  echo. %1-drive already mapped to %2
  • Thanks. Yes, the output is the same here. I will need this as a subroutine callable with parameters P: and D:\mydir. How may I translate D:\mydir to D:\\mydir? – ChrisJJ Aug 10 '14 at 21:23
  • @ChrisJJ I edited my answer with a parameterized batch-file. It will add the double \ for you. You can use it like remap p: d:\mydir. (it's case insensitive now.) See the Edit in my answer. – Rik Aug 10 '14 at 22:35

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