I use to run an application in CentOS with the command

 nohup java -jar AnalyticsBackend.jar &

Now I want to run this application as daemon i.e. on reboot, this application shoud start running automatically. How can I do this ? Please help me.


Daemonizing an application is not identical to starting it at boot. If all you want is to have it start automatically at boot, read on; otherwise, somewhat more complex instructions will have to be provided, or, better still, you should look up how to configure your own service.

To start a program automatically at boot, issue the command

  EDITOR=vi crontab -e 

(if you don't like vi as an editor put whatever you like in its stead) then add the following line:

  @reboot /home/myname/bin/myscript

Save, edit the file /home/myname/bin/myscript and put into it the following lines:


 nohup java -jar Analyticsbackend.jar 

Save, make the file executable,

 chmod 755 /home/mynmae/bin/myscript, reboot, you are done. 

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