I have a Ubuntu 14.0 server with no graphical interface. I created this server only to use Octave on it. Now that there is a GUI for the recent version of Octave 3.8.x available I wanna know what is the least requirement for Ubuntu that I can install and run the GUI for Octave.

I say minimum since I want this server to be as light weight as possible.


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[If using Windows or any operation system that Putty can run on it]

I found the way myself. Apparently you actually don't need ANY graphical interface for Ubuntu server. All needed is a Putty. All you need is to Putty to the server however before you do you need to enable "Enable X11 forwarding" option under

Putty Configuration page > Connection > SSH > X11

enter image description here

and also have Xming installed and running in the background.

This means you're all sorted and you can run any software which requires an X server to build a GUI for itself. Just type

$ octave --force-gui

to fire it up.

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