I created a named range which is the result of a user definer function.

Let say my rage is named List and has three items, if I select three cells and enter =List and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter, I get my three items in the cells... so everything looks fine.

If I try to use the range as a data validation source (as a list), I get the "Source Currently evaluates to an error".

Is this a limitation of Excel? If not what is wrong, and how can I do?

The function:

Public Function testarrayreturn() As Variant
    Dim Arr(2) As String
    Arr(0) = "a"
    Arr(1) = "b"
    Arr(2) = "c"

    testarrayreturn = Application.Transpose(Arr)
End Function

The named range is defined as testarrayreturn()

  • Is the range on another worksheet ? Data validation is limited to what is on the same sheet as the validation. – ApplePie Aug 14 '14 at 15:53
  • Do you mean that the function must be on the code of the sheet? When there is no user defined function involved, the range can be anywhere, it works fine… – gregseth Aug 14 '14 at 18:55

TL;DR it's not possible as described (cf. this post on SO).

Long(er) answer: there's a workaround. The user-defined function must return a Range not an array of value. So the solution is to use a disposable worksheet to "paste" temporary data.

Since avoiding temporary data is the exact reason for which I wanted to use an UDF, that's too bad, but it can be some use for others.

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